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What We Do


We do yoga

We primarily do practice of postures, holding the body in a specific way - asana, including some breathing - pranayama, meditation, and exercise - bayam. The regular practice of these disciplines provides the best dividend one can wish for - vitality.

"The art of yoga not only concentrates on the physical organs and muscles but also on the power of life. The life force in the muscles and nervous system is rejuvenated by the practice of yoga."

{ Dr. Prem Sundar Das }


Practices at b.human are designed specifically to restore and maintain health – body and mind. The style and approach of many of our classes come from the lineage of Bishnu Ghosh and Paramahansa Yogananda.

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Class Types


A beginning yoga class, designed to work the body, top to bottom, inside and out. 26/2 classic hatha postures performed as a moving meditation. Through this practice, you will develop balance, strength and flexibility. The sequence will prepare your mind and body for being the best you.


A sequence of physical movements and holds with good alignment and form that require careful attention to the breath, combining the inhale and exhale in a flowing manner. This approach to asana is designed to create safety and balance within a practice.


Simple, no strain movement and holds designed to create balance in the mind and body. Individual prescriptions are traditionally written for greater customization, but in the group class a sequence of more commonly helpful asanas and exercises are given. Includes breathing exercises and mudras.


In this Moderately paced class we will work to find the balance between movement and stillness.
Rooted in the postures and philosophy of Bishnu Ghosh and his yoga, this set provides you a good challenge to the mind and body. Building balance in the tissues and in the nervous system.


Providing a balance to most all other styles of yang asana practice, yin yoga is a bit more of a passive experience, giving the student ample time to develop patience, as the postures are held for longer periods of time. Yin postures are designed to open up and target the deeper areas - where the body is connected via tendons, ligaments and fascia.

What is Yoga?

The cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. The union of the soul with the Divine. An art and a science. Disciplines that provide the practitioner tremendous capabilities and power. A journey of the self to the self by the self. Some say it’s all yoga. It depends on where you look.

This yoga system teaches us how to help nature to generate and store up more life current than is used up and also teaches how to send it down to all the tissues of the body, promoting their health through contact with inner cosmic energy.

{ Bishnu Ghosh }

Hatha Yoga

Physical yoga. Ha-Sun. Tha-Moon. This is the primary focus at our studio. In the category of Hatha Yoga, various styles and approaches are practiced by people everywhere. Many yoga classes offered in and around the PNW fall into this category.

The physical practices of yoga bring health to the body, undo improper movement and habit, leading to physical, energetic and mental balance

{ Scott Lamps }


Regular practice strengthens the body, restores health and vitality, calms the nerves and the mind providing the capacity needed to deal with the stress of daily life.