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find your balance


First: Identify your need

Or needs. The thing that needs attention, but you can’t afford to give it. It might be a restoring balance to sports activities. Some ‘me time’ or basic physical and mental maintenance. Perhaps just to be able to stand and move and not have pain. Being a person is tough and taxing. The stress that tenses us into disease is real. But you are limitless. Your capacity as a human is yours to cultivate. Stick with it. You got this.

The ancient yogis claimed that the body is a reservoir of infinite strength and life energy which can be commanded for practically unlimited use by the power of conscious will.

{ Bishnu Ghosh }

Next: Choose a practice

Try our intro offer for two weeks. Unlimited classes. During this time, try as many of our class times and styles or practices that you can do. Find the one or more combination of practices you find useful and provides you good mobility. Good flexibility. Better muscle control and posture. A calm mind. Peaceful heart. Relaxed and enjoyable breath. Everyone likes good breath.

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The glory in yoga is not in having perfect balance all the time, but in rising up every time you fall.

{ Tony Sanchez }

Do what you can.

Choose a rhythm that supports you practicing 2-7 times per week. Daily practice is best. And you’re still pretty happy sometimes if you can get two in one week. Life. It demands attention. Manage your attention each day. At least for a part of it. Take small steps toward the thing you’re aiming at. Find your balance.

"My yoga practice is my therapy, rehabilitation and the foundation of my strength"

- Cindee Nurse, 48

"Yoga heals and feeds my body. Always remain focused and humble."

- Mac retired military, 60